My journey as an artist began at the Gemini School of Illustration, where I studied for four years under renowned Illustrator Roger Barcilon, learning not only my craft, but also about the many aspects of life as an illustrator.
I started my working life in London, creating storyboards for television and print campaigns for the advertising industry at the Storyboards Harpers Agency.
After moving to Devon, I concentrated more on editorial work, creating illustrations for magazines and book covers in Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Initially I was represented by Danish agency Ankerfelt Press, later making the move to self-representation.

More recently, my focus has turned to my fine art work, exploring buddhist images and the human form.
While my subject matter reflects the things I love, from golden Buddhas to leaping dancers and balancing acrobats, my greatest inspiration comes from the paint itself. The vibrant effects of watercolour pigments pouring into eachother and splashes of unexpected colour provide a constant reminder of the magic of painting.

Watercolours are so often pale and restrained, but for me this is a medium that allows me to work spontaneously and energetically. I know a painting has gone well if I finish it emotionally exhausted and pleasantly surprised that it hasn't all gone horribly wrong at the last minute! More than any other medium, watercolour forces me to be always present in the moment.

Buddhas hold a special place in my heart, representing mindfulness, compassion and calm, and resonating with my passion for yoga. They also give me the perfect opportunity to play with gleaming golden surfaces and sparkling highlights. The challenge is always to convey something of the spirituality of the image. For me, the splashes and spatters of colour that spill beyond the edges of the figure are an attempt to convey the power of consciousness to reach out into the world.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.
- Buddha